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UNIS Telekom d.d. can offer complete service of system integration in the telecommunications domain:

Although consulting and creating a conceptual solution for the telecommunications network the foundation of our business, we have not lost another very important business segment, which is sales. We are the general advocate of several companies for the production of IT and telecommunication equipment.

UNIS Telekom d.d. provides the services of educating its clients in order to provide the best quality training for the autonomous use of implemented telecommunication and network equipment. Education is carried out through various seminars, courses, lectures, workshops, and through demonstration and practical work on installed equipment.

By signing the Maintenance Agreement with UNIS Telekom d.d., you leave us standard and preventive maintenance of your telecommunications equipment as well as servicing, periodic reviews and other activities required for the proper operation of your telecommunications systems.

Our engineers and technicians of various specialties (above all IT and telecommunication technology and computing) are trained to install all telecommunication solutions. Years of experience and top-of-the-range technical equipment enable us to install telecommunication solutions in the field and the area where installation is required.

UNIS Telekom d.d. provides its clients with project management services through all of its phases: consulting, planning, design, execution, control and maintenance, and closing the project through the successful implementation of the conceptual solution that may be ours or existing.

The basis for the consultation would be the creation of a conceptual solution for the telecommunications network. Also, consulting services can also involve the management, implementation and administration of telecommunications systems in companies.